Little hinges swing big dollars...


7:47 a.m, and Morgan Lewis is just over two hours from signing the biggest deal (close to $50 million) the company has ever gotten. All the suits are in town and contracts are ready to be signed.

He's taking the last sips of his Kopi Luwak coffee and is ready for the 45 minute drive to the office.

Into his SLK he goes, like Batman scurrying to a crime scene and lets his garage door up.

No movement.

Just tick, tick, tick. The garage door is stuck and isn't budging. Calmness remains because he has Calhoun's Garage Door protection plan to repair his door.

With just one quick call, team Calhoun comes out and makes the proper repairs and Morgan is on his way to the company's deal of the century!

Whether it's a multi-million dollar deal, your kid's soccer championship game, or dashing to pick up loved ones from DFW Airport, you don't want to be stuck in your garage for hours, hoping someone could let you out.

Call Calhoun's Garage Doors for a new door, openers, gates, or repairs. Sign up for our Quick Call Program and know our team will be there with peace of mind.